As a shipper you are responsible for identifying, classifying, packaging, marking, labeling and documenting your dangerous goods shipments. To help, here are some, but not an all-inclusive list of items considered dangerous goods that must be shipped as regulated:

• Explosives: Common fireworks, sparklers, ammunition or other explosives.
• Flammable liquids: Fuels, oil-based paints or paint products, perfumes/colognes, gasoline-powered weed trimmers, generators, and solvents.
• Compressed gases: Aerosol cans, spray paint, liquefied gases, cigarette lighters, self-defense sprays,CO2 cartridges and liquefied refrigerated gases.
• Corrosives: Liquid and solid drain cleaners, wet cell batteries, and products containing mercury.
• Miscellaneous: Chemical and First Aid Kits, Consumer Commodity, Dry Ice, Engines internal combustion and Lithium batteries. Dry Ice, also known as Carbon Dioxide Solid, is often used as a coolant for foodstuffs, chemicals, and medical shipments.
• Chemicals

Transportation of Dangerous Goods is a risk when they are not correctly packaged of handled. If the goods are hidden, declared incorrectly, left completely undeclared, or packaged or labeled incorrectly, health and safety is compromised.

VIETCARGOLOG  is specialized in transportation of Dangerous, Hazardous, Restricted Articles and other sensitive goods - worldwide. We offers shippers a one-stop resource to locate specialized companies - worldwide - that are able to assist them with their DG transportation and logistics needs.  

VIETCARGOLOG  offers extensive experience and knowledge of the paperwork, regulations and restrictions applicable at both origin and destination - whatever the mode of transportation - air, ocean, or road. We regularly carry Dangerous Goods such as flammable, corrosive and poisonous. Our Cargo staff is qualified under Dangerous Goods Regulations, to handle such consignments.



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