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Length External   6.058 m
Width External      2.438 m
Height External    2.438 m
Maximum Gross weight 30,480 kgs
Tare weight                            4,190 kgs
Maximum payload  20,540 kgs 
Tank containers are designed to accommodate liquid cargo: food grade, chemicals, gas (in liquid form) e.t.c.


ISO container tanks are those whose dimensions are in compliance with the ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) specifications on dimensions that allow them to fit in cellular containership cells, thus enabling multi-modal and door-to-door operations. Therefore their length is 20’ and width and height 8’.


Container tanks’ capacity varies between 21,000 and 31,000 litres. Most common tank capacity in use is 24,000 litres. On homeward trades tanks provided are insulated, heatable (when a discharging temperature must be achieved) and on bottom discharge.


To prevent dangerous surging of the liquid during transport, tank containers should be loaded with cargo over 80% (of the tank’s capacity) full. However a 5% of the container tank’s capacity must remain unutilized to provide for possible thermal expansion of the cargo.

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